“Being a martial artist means that you follow a code of honor, respect, and integrity that results through dedicated physical and mental conditioning. With proper instruction and a solid martial arts curriculum, students will develop themselves into a person of strong mind, body, and character.”
Grandmaster Steve Nugent
Meet The Team
Grandmaster Steve Nugent
Our Chief Instructor, 10th Degree Black Belt and 4 time World Champion has over 50+ years experience. He is one of a very few and rare martial artists to be promoted to the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt legitimately by the founder of Kenpo in New England, Senior Grandmaster George Pesare. 

After blending several other martial arts together, (jiu-jitsu, aikido, kung-fu, kick-boxing) GM Nugent insists "I did not create my own "system", I simply made Kenpo better." Grandmaster Nugent's philosophy has always been one of inclusion. 

"My school has students from age 3 to 73. There's something for everyone in Martial Arts."
Jon Mischel
Started martial arts training in 1986 and was one of the first students promoted to Black Belt by Shihan Nugent. Jon is a certified “Superfoot” Instructor and has a degree in business/marketing from the University of Massachusetts.
Mike Bove
Has been studying Kenpo Karate since 1983 and is a certified “Superfoot” Instructor. Mike holds a Bachelors degree from Northeastern University and is a practicing physical therapist.
Bill Covitz
Holds two black belts: one in Gojo Ryu and the other in Kenpo Karate. Bill has more than 20 years' experience in the martial arts and was one of the first students to receive a black belt from Shihan Nugent and is a certified “Superfoot” Instructor. In addition, he is a graduate of Boston University and holds a Masters degree from Suffolk University.
Maria Berry 
Is a former body builder who brings a unique and fantastic approach to incorporating fitness and martial arts. Her classes are always popular since they include nutrition, weight training, cardio vascular exercise and martial arts.
Laurie Glasser
Has been studying with Grandmaster Steve Nugent for more than 15 years. She is considered the best in her blackbelt division of kata on the NASKA circuit. Even with advanced students, her emphasis is on the basics. "Getting it right and keeping tradition is important."
Mark DiMare
Started training with Grand Master Nugent when he was 8 years old. 17 years later, Mark has attained his Black Belt and is a favorite with all the kids! He mixes discipline with fun and really enjoys teaching. "I still remember what it was like to be an 8 yr. old just starting, so I try to make each child feel comfortable and have fun."
Jeannine Casey
Is a two-time blackbelt world champion. She is handsdown the hardest kicker in the country in the women's blackbelt fighting division. With 10+ years of tournament experience, it's easy to see why Jeannine is a favorite among students for private lessons and guidance.