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Steve Nugent's Karate Institute

The martial arts are one of the most fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding activities that a person can undertake. It is a “personalized” activity where goals are set and conquered with the support and encouragement of both instructors and students alike. The martial arts do not discriminate and offers students of any age, athletic ability, size, and shape the same benefits and advantages. While there is a beginning to one’s training, there is certainly no end, making the martial arts as fresh for the 60-year old veteran as it is for the 5-year old beginner.

Steve Nugent's Karate Institute is a professional karate school that offers fun, family-oriented martial arts programs for all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking to lose weight, reduce your stress and anxiety, tone up, improve your flexibility, increase your energy levels, improve your athletic skills, learn practical self-defense, or find a fun and energetic program for your child, our trained professionals will help you get started.

The martial art that we teach is a style of karate called Kenpo, a Chinese martial art that has been studied and practiced throughout the world for over 2,000 years. Lead by Shihan Steve Nugent, he and his instructors leverage this time-honored art to help you to achieve and exceed your goals.

Within our Karate for Children program, we have tailored our Kenpo system to match both the age and rank of our students to create an innovative and effective martial arts program. In addition, our unique MBC System provides additional lesson plans in anatomy, health, safety, and Asian culture to provide a complete martial arts program for your child. Most important of all, each class provides a fun forum to burn off some extra energy and meet new friends!

Voted “Best Karate School” 5 years in a row by The Burlington Union!

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