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“Being a martial artist means that you follow a code of honor, respect, and integrity that results through dedicated physical and mental conditioning. With proper instruction and a solid martial arts curriculum, students will develop themselves into a person of strong mind, body, and character.”


Karate For Kids

A fun outlet for kids that is built upon the foundations of our martial arts value to provide your child with both mental and physical advantages


Adult Karate

Committed to providing expert martial arts instruction to our students. Our adult program has been designed for all levels whether you are looking to be a serious competitor, learn how to decisively defend yourself, or just to lose weight and tone up


Cardio – KickBoxing

Workout where sweatpants are the closest things to fashion in the room? S.N.K.I’s cardio-kickboxing program is for you. Circuit training combined with professional instruction keeps the training challenging but safe


Mixed Martial Arts

Learn proper conditioning, grappling techniques, sparring and more

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What are things I should look out for in a Martial Arts School?

Beware of year long contracts, “Black Belt Clubs” and Test fees.

Many schools are businesses now and will try to have you pay more by getting you to join an extra Black Bet Club or have high hidden Test Fees. At Steve Nugent’s, we do not use any of these techniques. Just “Old School” Karate.

Where do all of your Instructors come from?

All of our Instructors are home-grown. They have all trained directly under Grand Master Nugent so the curriculum is extremely consistent and exact.

Will my child have fun?

Yes! SNKI is a clean fun and a great way to give kids a head start on life. It has been our understanding that parents want the lasting benefits of confidence, respect, self-esteem and self-discipline that SNKI offers, however, we don’t want to struggle with the children when it’s time to get ready for class.

Our instructors have become leaders in the field of motivating children.

Motivation, excitement and fun are the essential tools we use to increase the learning and performance of our kids.  Our carefully structured environment will help your child develop physically, mentally and socially. Because your children will be surrounded by others with similar goals and aspirations, they will develop positive friendships and healthy peer groups.

What is the focus of the program for kids?
We want kids to set goals and strive to be the best that they can be.
We give them the tools to reach those goals with guidance, encouragement and structure.
Hard work exercise and discipline increase a child’s self-esteem, confidence and physical fitness
Children who struggle with focus and concentration can gain a way to channel their energy in a more positive direction.
A total life plan is what we aim for. A well-adjusted child who excels in school, family, everyday life and can defend themselves against physical as well as societal pressures is our ultimate goal.
What age can a child start martial arts, karate?

We start children as young as three years old in our “Little Dragons” program. There is something for every age in martial arts!


Customer testimonials send strong signals of trust; below are few from our enrolled students or their parents

It has been great training with the awesome people who put their heart and soul into it. I appreciate every single on of you and the amazing opportunity.”

Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison

November, 10, 2016

I have 2 daughters (6 yr and 8 yr old) they both enjoyed the experience of learning karate and I see the transformation they have undergone, not only the skill but also with the attitude change of dealing the things on daily basis; thank you SNKI

Imtiaz Mallick

Imtiaz Mallick

January, 22, 2017