SNKI is a professional karate organization that is committed to providing expert martial arts instruction to our students. Our adult program has been designed for all levels whether you are looking to be a serious competitor, to learn how to competently and decisively defend yourself, to lose weight and tone up, or to pick up a fun new hobby that will help you to boost your energy and regain your health. We maintain a non-threatening and supportive environment and welcome all with the desire to train.
Our Chief Instructor, Sensei Steve Nugent, is a four-time World Karate Champion who has dedicated his life to the martial arts. Sensei Nugent is committed to excellence and keeps his instructors continually updated on the best, safest, and most effective training methods. As a direct student to Bill “Superfoot Wallace”, one of the most celebrated martial artists of all time, our students are privileged with regular visits and instruction from this martial arts legend.

You don’t have to be a champion to be a good martial artist;
you just have to finally start what you have always wanted to try

Our martial arts instruction includes:

  • Strength and Endurance Conditioning
  • Sport Karate / Sparring
  • Street-wise Self Defense
  • Weapons Training (Bo, Nunchuka, Kama, Sai, Tonfa)
  • Grappling / Jiu Jitsu